Friday, 11 October 2013

Prize winner

Today i was having lunch and decided it was time to check my emails on my phone. To my great delight i had won a family ticket to the London Dungeons.

I take Tilly to the dungeons quite a lot because it really isnt scary for children because they have the policy never to touch the kids and never scare them. It is a family attraction and is part of the Merlin Attraction franchise.

Tilly quite understands that these people are dressed up and only 'pretend, She even thinks some of them are dressed as princesses because they wear the olden day clothes.

We are merlin pass holders, which means we get free entry to this attraction as well as The London Eye, The Aquarium, Chessington, Legoland and Alton towers as well as many others. The full attractions can be found at

Winning these tickets is a perfect opportunity to meet up with some family and have a big day out, So we are all meeting up in London in half term for a fabby day out

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