Saturday, 26 October 2013

Spooky Times At Halloween

This year is the first Halloween that Tilly really understands what Halloween is all about. She knows it is spooky and scary but she also knows that everyone is dressed up and its not real. 

Today we kicked Halloween of with going to a local farm shop to pick our own pumpkins, something i have never done and she loved it. She chose on to start with that was far too small lol and we had to talk her into getting a larger one, which she insisted on carrying herself

when she was happy with her choice we went off to pay for the pumpkins. 

We haven't carved them yet as we don't want them to go bad before Halloween so we will do them on Monday when the weather is due to be bad and we wont be going out.

We had a quick look on Google for some pumpkin carving ideas and we always do the scary normal pumpkin face but last year we went for something different and Zach and Tilly made this pumpkin

This year because tilly is all about the 'Disney',  we are opting for the Disney theme and Tilly will love this pumpkin carving

Tomorrow we are off to london to go to the London dungeons for their Halloween special days. We are most looking forward to it, there is a Halloween theme through out the dungeons and every visitor gets a free gift (probably a lolly lol )

Although i have been there with Tilly a few times now, i am not sure if this make be one spooky thing too much for her. 
There is a special character for the Halloween period, He is the very spooky farmer. There are 1000s of decorated pumpkins around the dungeon. This is indeed going to be a very spooky yet fun day out

The London Dungeons can be found on Southbank in London, next to the London Aquarium and close to The London Eye.

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