Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Teenagers ...... Pfftttt!!

Today has been a really tough day and i try so hard not to focus on my Bipola on the blog, but today i had to go to a medical assessment to be assessed for my mental health problems. i was so lucky as i have a friend to come with me. it took an hour and half to get to the centre, then over an hour for the appointment with ATOS, when we had finished we went to lunch before grabbing a bit of christmas shopping for the teenagers then it was an hour and half bus ride home with a tireed toddler. i got home and all hell broke loose, i had forgotten to go shopping and instead they said i had been galavanting round the shops! and i asked one of the older ones to go to the chippy, but oh no! couldnt possibly be done. we had a big arguement and i ended up taking a sleeping pill and going to bed with tilly at 7.30.

Teenagers are the most vilest, most ungrateful creatures in the world, but we love them with our unconditional love and all we can do is help them through the times they think its tough and the want to take it out on us. through out the tough times, i still wouldnt be without my kids, yes things are hard at the moment especially as i am trying so hard to cope with the bipola unmedicated. i am learning about the illness and i cant do it if i am out of the zone all the time. so here we go - plodding on as usual, besides tomorrow is another day

Teenagers only have to focus on themselves - its not until we get older that we realize that other people exist.
Jennifer Lawrence 

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