Friday, 1 November 2013

Tillys Halloween week

Our halloween celebrations started on tuesday when i took Tilly to a Scooby Doo halloween party organised by the local Childrens Centre. It was a great afternoon and they spent the time decorating trick or treat bags then having hot dogs and beans followed by cake. they played a few games and sang some halloween songs and then it was time to go home. the kids all collected their bags that they had made and found they were full of lovely goodies.

Tilly wrapping her sister kimmy up for the toilet roll mummy game 

the finished result hehe

for the actual halloween day we were very busy, firstly Tilly went for her flu nasal spray only to be told because of her chest problems she had to have the injection :/ So for a while i was a hated mummy as i made her arm hurt, but she liked nurse Carol ho did it! lol, the mind of a 3 yr old.

In the afternoon she had nursery and she was allowed to go dressed up and all the teachers dressed up so it was their own little halloween session.

In the evening we were invited to a halloween party and trick or treat with friends. so we went straight from school up to tracys where they played games and and had Hot dogs and chips then went out and knocked on doors to do trick or treat. Tilly loved it, she couldnt believe that she was getting given al these sweets. 

We only knocked on doors with decorations outside them as we know those families or households celebrate halloween. There is nothing worse than having kids knocking on your door if you really dont want to celebrate or believe in it. 

We got the bus home just before 7pm and it was just all too much for Tills as she fell asleep on the seat, bless her heart.

We got home to find some kids had smashed her pumpkin - i was furious that someone would do this. Some kids have no respect for other peoples things,

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