Saturday, 9 November 2013

..... And we are off!

So the morning arrived for us to head off to our big weekend at butlins. I travelled down with Grace and we were going by car, but others went in the mini bus.
we arrived there by 3pm for checkin and it was pouring with rain, so we settled into the apartment. Almost straight away there was a divide within our group as normally we make sure all the apartments are close together but we had our apartment and another group had an apartment around the corner from us and a third group has a hotel room across the park.

we settled in and went for dinner, we had the meal package included but i must say i was most disappointed in the meals this time. when your paying an extra £25 a day, you expect more than tastless food that you have to serve yourself. After dinner the vodka started flowing and we had a game that meant we had to drink shots. so out camr the jager, the mint shots and the strawberry shots. Too much alcohol in a short time was not a good idea :/

we all went out dressed as sailors and it was just our apartment that went out as the others stayed in the neighbours room having a drink. When you first go out and you see people dressed up its so funny as people had so many different ideas about what to wear and there are some amazing ideas.

We hit Centre stage and danced, meeting new people and then thats where it all went wrong - the drink hit me and i went back to the apartment with another girl. along the way we thought it would be a good idea to pick up an 'A' board sign and take it with us, as security man came up to us and asked us where we were going, we replied 'we dont know' and then he asked what we were doing with the board and we replied 'we dont know' so he then said that maybe he should take it but then he posed for a picture with us.

We got to the the apartment and couldnt make the key card work so off i went on my way and found a random man to let us in - thankyou random man lol.

I then proceeded to spend the night on the bathroom floor!

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