Monday, 4 November 2013

Confessions of a Hostie book review

I was kindly sent 2 books from Monsoon Books, The first one being Confessions of Hostie. This book is written by Danielle McHugh, an air hostess with over 20 years of experience and air miles to her name. She loves meeting new people and travelling to exotic places (she loves the shopping malls when she gets there too). She also tells us about the difficult passengers she has and how she manages to deal with them, what makes me chuckle is the fact that she writes about the things that we wish we could actually say to the people in out life but we never do, for fear of upsetting people.

i knew this was going to be a good book when i read the first page and it was Danielle saying how she woke up in a hotel room, not knowing where she was and being hungry so she reached for a chocolate bar, but before he could finish the chocolate bar she fell asleep and woke up some hours later with chocolate over her face and peanut indents too - lets face it many of us can relate to this, but would never admit it.

Although this is based on Danielles life as a hostie, Names have been changed  to protect the people she works with, to protect her friends and most importantly to protect her job.

When you read this book you feel like you are up there 30,000 ft in the air with Danielle, seeing everything she is doing and feeling her thoughts too. You feel sympathy for her with the difficult passengers/ colleagues  and you will laugh at her 'revenge' with them. This is the perfect book for you to curl up with on a winters day and you will laugh so much at her witty comments and honesty in the book.

 i would recommend this to everyone who like a good fun read, you will see that being an Air hostess is definitely  not as glamorous as you may think and isnt as easy a job as we all think. Next time you fly international, you never know - you may be travelling with Danielle.

My daughters both read this book too and thoroughly enjoyed it, Kim said she had never read a book like it - and she reads loads. I am not much of a reader, but this book grabbed my attention and i read the book over 2 nights. Everytime i tried to put the book down i just read another chapter, then another..........

The second book, More confessions of a Hostie (The second Sector)  is just as funny and witty as the first book and sometimes repeats some of the things that are also in the first book, but you would expect that in this type of work and with it being a sequel. I enjoyed the second book, just as much as i did the first one.

More Confessions of a Hostie is released today and can be bought as a kindle copy for as little as £2.47 from Amazon  More Confessions of a Hostie at Amazon

Danielle Has a Facebook page and you can follow her news and more of her wit and humour it can be found here Hop over and give the page a like.

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