Wednesday, 20 November 2013

cooking class

This week at cooking class we had to take a wok and make a chinese stir fry. My wok is about 20 years old, scratched and much loved, but we havent used it much over the past few years as we never had a hob. So off i went in the pouring rain and waited on the corner for the lovely Stephanie to pick me up.

We got to cooking and off we went with all the left over veg you would find in your fridge, we had cabbage, cauliflower and carrots. we stir fried it all in and made the stir fry sauce by ourselves from scratch. The main reason for the keen2cook cooking classes is to cook from scratch so you know the ingredients your putting in the meal - as for me, normally i would buy a stir fry kit and make a stir fry, but you never really know salt content etc in a packet of stir fry sauce.

we also cooked rice and added it to the stirfry which is something i never do as i usually just put it on the side of the plate. later when it was finished it actually looked quite good.

Korean stir fried rice, with poached eggs
200g leftover Brisket
2 tbsp Smoky barbecue sauce
2 tbsp Chili sauce
Soy sauce - dash
1 cup of cooked white rice
150g button mushrooms or any other vegetables like peas or carrots
2 cloves of garlic
1 fresh chili chopped
½ Savoy cabbage – shredded
Sesame oil
Six eggs
Coriander - optional
Pull apart 200g of your leftover Brisket
Add two tablespoons of smoky barbecue sauce
Add two tablespoons of chili sauce
Add a dash of soy sauce
‘Leftover meat can be a little bit dry, so the sauces take care of it and make it moist and delicious
Cook one mug of rice to boiling water and cook
Fry 150g of button mushrooms or other vegetables with two cloves of garlic and some chopped chili
Add in the meat, keeping the pan moving until the dish caramelizes. ‘The sugars in the barbecue sauce bring a toffee-apple look to the dish
Add the warm cooked rice and half a sliced Savoy cabbage
Pat it all down, then crack open one egg and stir it in to give a fried egg rice kind of vibe, then pat it down right up the edges, so that it’s like like a giant rice crisp
Poach four eggs for 2-4 minutes on top of the dish, then scatter some toasted sesame seeds over the top and add one more splurge of chili sauce with a touch of mint or coriander.
The dish should be crispy at the bottom when ready to serve

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