Thursday, 21 November 2013

Fantastic Christmas app for Children

This is a new app that I have downloaded onto my phone and though I would share it will you all.

the app is called Santa's Magic Phone Call. 

you can input your child/children's names and the first letter in their name will appear on a stocking on the home page. if you click on their stocking there are games for your child to play. If you click on settings button, you can alter or add children or you can request Santa. if you request Santa, you can pick weather you want a fake text or phone call . you then pick weather you want a naughty or nice phone call, witch child the call is for and why (for example good behaviour). The phone will then play some festive music and a there is a then a pre-recorded message from Santa and in some message there is a elf as well. This app is perfect for when children have been naughty and need be reminded that Santa is watching and for when children need to be rewarded for good behaviour. 

This app is free however there are opportunities to buy extras such as extra games within the app. 
you can get the app from you app store or for iphones and ipads it is avaliable from this link santa magic phone call

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