Wednesday, 6 November 2013


This weekend i have a girls weekend away to look forward to (she says trying to build up some enthusiasm), we have been going for a few years now and this year the group has grown to 15, which seems a nice number of 'friends' to be going but in reality the last few months have been full of stress and arguments trying to get people to pay on time, people dropping out and blaming others, people being left out of plans and some people taking over the whole weekend and making it into 'their' weekend. But i will gather enthusiasm to go to the weekend, i will not let the anxiety that's been building beat me, and to be honest once we are there we do gel really well and it will probably turn out to be the best weekend. A weekend away is much needed by me.

Yesterday i spent the day making my costumes, a sailors skirt (short but classy) and my fairytale character. I chose esmerelda as her character in The Hunchback of Notre dame is a strong lady, who isn't shallow and doesn't care how people look, she likes them for who they are. She is a good role model and i want to be her. My skirt is short purple and i have loads of jingly jangly bits to put over it. you will certainly hear me coming.

So on Friday i shall be car sharing with a friend and on my way to Bognor Regis for a disco weekend. We have all the meals booked so we don't worry about cooking, we just drink, drink and drink more. Many of us going have responsibilities that stop us from getting to drunk at home and this is the best opportunity to get away from it all. Pretend we are someone we are not. We book apartments and we will probably meet up again with people we have met before on the same weekends. I really must start looking forward to it.

Tilly and kimmy have loads planned for the weekend, so although tilly knows i am going away for a holiday - she shouldn't miss me too much (although i miss my kids when i go)

So today i need to grab some last bits and

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