Thursday, 28 November 2013

Hitchhiker book review

Book information

Title: Hitchhiker

Author: Audra Middleton
Genre: Humorous Paranormal Thriller
Length: 178 pages approx
Publisher: Burst Books ( a division of Champagne Books)

Where can i buy this book?

The book can be bought from Amazon as an E-book for your kindle


Supernatural abilities haunt her. Brainiac students taunt her. The FBI "Freak Squad" wants her. Will she abandon her extra sensory talents in favor of freedom, or will she hone them to help catch crooks?

Former army brat, Ainsley Benton, may have finally found her place in this world, and it’s among the freaks. This small town art teacher has the ability to see, hear, and feel what other people are experiencing, and now the FBI’s freak squad wants to use her “human bug” abilities to catch bad guys. Despite her fear of commitment, failure, and responsibility, Ainsley temporarily agrees to join this team of misfits, and ends up risking her life to investigate a conspiracy that may only be one of her schizophrenic co-worker’s paranoid delusions. 

About the Author

Audra's love of writing began in the third grade, when she was chosen  to go to a young author’s conference based on her story, "The Dragon Cookie,” which is about a giant cookie that comes to life. She continued writing, and was sometimes asked to write stories for friends as birthday gifts.

Audra went to college thinking she would go into journalism, but opted to go into publishing instead, and even took an internship at Yale University Press. She married right after college and was unable to find a publishing job where they were living in . Audra took an office job. After helping put her husband through law school, she went back to school and got her teaching degree. Audra enjoyed teaching, but once her oldest was born, she chose to stay home. At the encouragement of friends she started writing again, the result being her first novel, Watcher, which was released in January of 2013.

Audra and her husband now live in a small town in with their three boys. They also have a black Lab named Benji who eats shoes, gophers and packages left on her front porch (thanks Fed-Ex). She recently went back to work as a Kindergarten teacher, but she still writes, dabbles in on-line shopping and plays Texas Hold ‘Em with her friends as often she can.

My Review
When i was asked to review this book, i didnt even consider it would be as good as it was. This book is different to others that i have read lately and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Ainsley is quite accidently thrown into the job with the FBI after going to donate blood at a blood drive and the FBI discovering that her blood has abilities to help them to solve crimes. Through most of the book i was on the edge of the seat whilst reading it. I loved the supernatural story and All of the supernatural characters. Having mental health problems myself,  i felt at ease and familiar with the character of Dylan. It was also very interesting to read the story and see all the different character and personalities working together.

Just imagine, going to do and simple thing like donating blood and your whole life evolves into something different! I would recommend this book to everyone to read, its the kind of book that you cant put down and you just want to read more.

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