Thursday, 14 November 2013

I got a new job

So today i was at work and i had a phone call from another store within my company asking it i would like to take the job that i was interviewed for last week. it is to work on a fragrance counter, devoted to selling and promoting the fragrance that the company sells.

The job is further away and its more hours, meaning i have to put Tilly into school all day everyday. Something i would never do if i was just sitting at hold twiddling my thumbs! but now as a necessity, i have to put her in school. To be honest i think she is ready. she will be 3 3/4 by the time i start my new job and she asks to go to school when she isnt there. But i have looked online and i will be £100 a week better off, which is what we need and i should have a few weeks of extra money to make xmas a bit more special too.

So although i will have less time with Tilda, i will infact be able to hopefully give her a better life for working more and i hope to get us out the poverty trap a bit.

I will be so sad to leave some of my old work colleagues as i have been there for over 8 years, we have become friends as well as colleagues - but i will still pop in and see them :)

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