Saturday, 16 November 2013

Ideal home Christmas exhibition

Today Kimmy and i got up early to travel to london to go to the ideal home exhibition in london, we got the 6.55 national express bus from Deal to london. I took the decision not to take Tilly to london as she was already booked into school all day and i thought it would be alot easier with out her if i am honest. The coach ride there was good, went without a hitch and i always do the customer satisfaction text at the end.

We got to london just after 10am and went to Clapham junction where we met my aunt and my cousin.  then took the overground to Brompton road. Then it was only a short walk to Earls Court.

Upon entering it, you can see so its all xmassy and the trees are decorated so perfectly - nothing like the hash of a tree that we put up lol! There was fake snow on the ground and the carpet was white to give the snow look. There was a giant ice rink in the nmiddle of the hall, but at £5 it was a little too pricey for us to take part in (well that was my excuse). We had a look around and i came to a Yankee candle stand and i bought some candles for myself and some for a gift for a family member. We saw we coukd have a photo opputunity with Amy Childs but declined the offer as i never watched the programme she was in!

The section we enjoyed the most was the food and drink part, there was so many people offering samples of alcohol, that it started to get a bit like a pub crawl. We came across a sambucca bar where they had all sorts of flavours of sambucca, we tried quite a few and decided to buy the banana flavour and the orange and mango  flavour. they were £18 a bottle and we have chosen it as our xmas drink. we will just add lemonade or orange juice to make them alcopops :)

We had to leave quite early due to the coach timings on the way home, so we were back at victoria for 4pm to get the coach home. only when i booked it i didnt realise it was the slow coach and would take four and half hours to get home

on the way home, just as we left the coach station a lady got her knitting out and started to cast on, kimmy closed her eyes and dozed off for a while and everyone started to relax for the peaceful journey home. But when it came to an hour and a half into the journey and we still hadnt even got out of london - i started to despair! now anyone that knows me, knows that its hard to keep me tied down and i like to come and go, i hate being in one place for too long.

All of a sudden the driver did an emergency stop, throwing kim forward (even though she has a seat belt on) - she looked horrified and scared, i laughed ( a bit too loudly), a man dropped his drink and it seemed like the whole bus came to life. The old man in the seat in front of me went to the loo about 6 times in an hour and i glanced over to the lady in the seat opposite and she had knitted a whole sleeve for her jumper she was making. Kimmy went back to sleep and i found fun in mobile facebook( thank god for the plug on the bus to charge my phone).

We arrived in deal 4 and half hours after we left london and we were so pleased to be home. it didnt really matter how long it took because we were travelling in comfort as opposed to the smelly trains.

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