Saturday, 30 November 2013

Proud mummy moment :)

When people had told me in the past that their child had graduated from uni, i never really understood the importance of this special day, untill today.

I swapped shifts with someone at work so that i had time to get ready for the occaision, we took the bus to Canterbury and  then after a little bit of a shopping trip around the town with a very nervous and feeling sick Kimmy, we made our way to the Canterbury Christ Church University where Kimmy sent me to the cafe whilst she disappeared for what seemed like an eternity. i felt like a complete fish out of water.

The moment she walked through the doors with her gown and mortar on, i thought i was going to burst with pride, my little girl looked so grown up.

We waited for what seemed to be the longest hour of my life until we decided to take a stroll over to the cathedral, Kimmy was whisked off to do her registration and i was told to wait in a line for nearly an hour in the freezing cold. I didnt even have a coat as i thought it looked to tatty and didn't want to let Kim down. I was glad i queued when i did as i turned round and the line went on for about quarter of a mile.

We eventually got into the cathedral and i had a reasonably fab seat and chose to sit on an aisle seat so i would have the best view. turns out i had one of the best seats.

There were loads of notices telling us not to take photos in the cathedral as it was against the wishes of the uni, and they had a photographer at the front taking photos of them receiving their scroll, They called Kimmys name and i felt a tear come to my eye. My little girl was now a Bachelor of Science with honours, not bad for a kid from a single parent home who was written off at primary school and told she wouldn't get far as she had trouble reading and writing (she was later diagnosed with dyslexia). She had the biggest grin on her face as she walked back up the aisle to take her seat again. I took this opportunity to take a snap of her on my phone, my little girl had graduated and nothing was going to stop me from taking a picture of this proud moment. Only i forgot to take the flash off and loads of people turned round to see where the flash had come from HEHE. After that other parents took their phones out and started snapping pics - so this is the day that i caused a rebellion in Canterbury Cathedral.

When the whole event had finished we went back to the uni, dropped off the gowns and collected the graduation photo and then we ran for the last bus home (we live about 20 miles away).

Sometimes I know I don't tell Kimmy enough how proud i am of her, but I truly am.

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