Saturday, 2 November 2013

Psychologies Magazine Review and Competition.

Earlier this week Kim and I received a copy of Psychologies magazine to read and review after it has had a big revamp. The magazine has New sections and new experts to offer advice. This magazine isn't based on how you look, what handbag to buy or how much you earn, there are no articles telling you how the perfect woman should look and what's the top fashion item to buy this week (i am not a fan of all that superficial nonsense anyway). This magazine is full of experts and people talking about real life problems and how they overcame them, these ladies are like you and I and where we think that we are the only person in the world with problems like ours, we actually realise that there are many other ladies like us too.

Through out the magazine there are tips to help you feel better, and one that sticks in my mind is using teabags in your bath. After all if your drinking herbal teas to make you feel good inside and out, then why not take a bath in it and let it benefit your skin directly.

One article that hit home is How to beat anxiety at work, many of my blog readers know that i have had major anxiety problems at work and recently had to take over 7 weeks off work after a major meltdown in the summer. I have returned to work and i am very lucky to have understanding bosses who actually work with my anxieties. Reading the article has given me some brilliant tips on how to help overcome my own anxieties- 5 quick tips and i feel more positive about going to work. You can see that the Psychologies team have put a lot of research into this article as well as the other articles in the magazine.

The December issue Also has many ideas to help you prepare for Christmas too (we all know its the most stressful time of the year) and many of the ideas are using free items that you find in the local park or you have to hang around the house. I will certainly be doing a few of these with Tilly.

In a nutshell, this magazine is a magazine for women that want real advice, tips and ideas. It's a magazine that helps you to face your obstacles in life with a positive attitude and helps you to experiment with different ways of thinking about things. next time you're in the newsagents and you're looking for something to read, give Psychologies magazine a go.

This offer is available for UK subscriptions only when paying by Direct Debit and closes 31 December 2013. After your first 3 issues which you will receive at the special trial price of £3 unless you inform us otherwise the subscription will run at the low rate of £18.72 every 6 months – still saving 20% off the full rate of £46.80 for 12 months. All orders will be acknowledged and you will be advised of commencement issue and payment schedule within 14 days. For overseas rates please call (00 44) 1858 438 856.
The good people of Psychologies magazine have given us 5 copies of the magazine to five lucky winners, please enter through the Rafflecoptor below. Good luck everyone and I am sure the winners will enjoy it as much as I have.
(Competition only open to UK)

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