Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Salt Dough tree decorations

I love nothing more than homemade xmas decoarations on the xmas tree. Some people have big posh tree's with perfect expensive baubles, but our tree has homemade decoarations going back 20 years. I Thought today how nice it would be to make some homemade salt dough decorations with Tilly as i knew she would enjoy using the cutters.

So i get the table out and her little step to stand on, she helped to pour the ingredients in, she helped to mix the dough and then she helped us to roll it all out onto the table before taking the xmas shape cutters and cutting shapes out of the dough.

before we knew it, Tilly had wondered off and zach had taken over the cutting of the shapes (even doing rude ones, as a 19yr old would). I moved away and Kimmy took my place at the table and started to cut the shapes out. 

Ready for the oven

When they came out the oven, we  sprayed some silver with a spray can as they were a little bit on the brown side and others we gave Tilly the paint brush and she painted them in a glitter paint. 

Salt dough recipe

half cup of salt
half cup of water
one cup of plain flour

mix the cup and salt together and add water a bit at a time to make a soft dough.

when you have cut the shapes and they are ready to go in the oven, cook then for about an hour at 100 degrees 

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