Tuesday, 12 November 2013

To primary school or to home school??

Oh my days, the time has come where i have to choose a school for tilly to go to. I feel that i havent been a proper mummy to tilly as i was so ill when she was a baby. And now i am having my baby ripped away from me so she can go to school next September :(

She will be four in march and i have tried to get my head around her going to school but i just cant. I thought about keeping her home until she is 5 in march 2015, but then she will enter a class where friendships are already made and she will struggle to fit in, plus she will be behind on her school work and development. So here i am having to choose where to send her, i know that i can send her to the school a 15 minute walk away but the older ones went there and kimmy had dyslexia that the school didn't pick up on and they basically wrote her off and told her not to bother with grammar school, but she passed the exams to go there and got dyslexia support and passed her Alevels getting As and Bs. She is an amazing girl. she then went on to uni.

Since my older kids went there, the school failed an ofsted and was put into special measures, it is out of it now and a new head is in place and some new teachers are in place, but it is niggling at me.

The choice is mine to make and mine alone and i know i have to make it, its hard letting my baby go :(

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