Monday, 11 November 2013

Weekend of bitching, laughing, crying and bonding

On saturday morning it turned out that 3 of us had been quite ill and we had stomach ache and had been sick, so it seemed that we had a bug. By saturday night i was exhausted but still managed to get dressed into the fairy tale/ disney character theme. this was the hardest outfit to do as we were told that we couldnt choose the same outfit as someone else. So i went as esmerelda from The hunchback of Notredame. I liked this costume and my scarf jangled so much that you could hear me coming lol.

There was quite a bit of tension within the group and people wanted to get ready in our apartment as they said it was more fun in our apartment, and we went out earlier than  the other group. we went out and were having a fab time partying when 2 of the girls got upset over something one of the other group had said. we took them back to the apartment and we had a party there. The girl from the other apartment grabbed her duvet and her suitcase so she wouldnt have to have anything to do with them again and we cranked up the music and partied. the drinks were flowing and some blokes from the apartment opposite us were waving so we invited them over to party with us and they came.

The best thing about The weekends at Butlins is that it doesn't matter if your a stranger because you make friends with people from all walks of life. We were being so noisy that the security people had to come and ask us to keep the noise down. we partied until  5am and then decided enough was enough and we went to bed.

On the Saturday night we met up with a few people from a butlins group that we belong to on Facebook and we have known each other through fb for about a year but to meet up with these amazing lovely people was fab.

by 8am on the Sunday morning we were sad to see the two girls go home that had been upset :(
They wanted to go asap to get a train and it kind of put a downer on the rest of the group that they had gone home early over what had happened the night before. The 3  girls in the other apartments were responsible for this and i was so angry!

most of Sunday was spent sleeping or lounging around before leisurely getting ready to go out in the evening. Tonight we were going to dress up as school teachers and pupils. the other group of girls dressed up as other things and it separated us even more.

we had a few drinks in the apartment before we went out but as in previous years by the time Sunday comes, your all partied out, you do the motions but your legs physically cant dance any more, you physically cannot touch any more alcohol lol but we did our best and i thought it was a fab night.

i rolled in about 2am and crawled into bed, knowing i would have to pack in the morning as our weekend was nearly over.

i loved meeting new people, i loved being so close with the people in my apartment, i loved putting the faces to people who i met through fb and i love the photos we took. unfortunatly the way that there was such tension between the groups and the fact the other group upset some girls was quite sad and i can honestly say i will never holiday with them again. they were childish and 2 faced - something i had realised months ago but to see it upsetting friends was sad.

i will never go away with some of the girls again, and if they are reading the blog, then they will know who they are. i am not twofaced and i will tell them as it is. The reason for writing the truth on here is that it isnt hidden away and it nothing to be ashamed of, i will find it very hard to mingle with some of these girls again.

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