Monday, 9 December 2013

Frozen day

Yesterday i took Tilly on a much promised trip to the cinema as i have been feeling a bit guilty about going back to work more hours and the fact she if going full time at nursery. She has seen the ads on the TV for a few weeks now and they always make her chuckle, so i knew she would love the film 

we took a quick visit to Subway so she could have her picture taken in the frozen stand
We chose to go to the small older cinema in the next town, this way its cheaper than going to the multiplex cinema and its also supporting the smaller towns. We took our seats and waited for the film to start. All through the movie we kept hearing little chuckles from Tilly and her favourite scene by far was the scene where Elsas dress turns into beautiful white gown. watching her facial expressions was so funny. at one point she had her hands on her cheeks as she was so into the film that i think she thought she was part of it and it was real. The film had many parts that were adult friendly and all you could hear were the adults giggling, but the kids didnt understand it. they are sometimes the best parts of the film 

after the movie we went to Argos to treat Tilly to a Frozen princess doll, it was so expensive, but i think it made the day for her and she is so worth it

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