Friday, 6 December 2013

Nails, Nails, Nails

For working on the prestige fragrance counter i have to make sure my appearance is good, where as before when i worked as a sales assistant in my local store, i would just tie my hair back and go to work after the school run without any make up on. Nowadays i have to make sure my nails and makeup is done nicely. 

Nail art is a passion of mine and so far i have had my nails painted with christmas gifts (all done free hand apart from a couple of transfers) 
last week i went to work with blue painted nails with flower transfers.

This week i decided for quickness and hoping they will last longer with the work i do, i chose some foils. i bought about 50 packs from a beautician on a fb selling page but had never sat down to use them. but tonight for a change i thought i would give them a go and boy was i chuffed with the result. They come off the backing and they stick to your nail so well, then you get a file and just file away the excess off the end of your nail. you file a couple of times and then gently pull away the excess, and as they are often patterned they look so professional. 

Luckily with the commute to work, i find time to do my make up and my hair, it is real need of a good cut at the moment and i just clip it back so its off my face, but for make up i have started to use The naturals range from boots as we dont sell that range and it means that i dont have to get it signed everytime i go to work.

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