Tuesday, 3 December 2013

New job day

So today i had to get up early to do the commute to my new job in Folkestone. i purposely didn't start Tilly at school full time yet as i want to ease her in to it slowly, so today she spent the day with her sister Kimmy. I arrived in plenty of time and inside i was freaking out, although On the outside i tried to be confident.

Moving to another store within my company was actually an easy proccess and i was put straight to work on the fragrance counter, at one stage I was left at the till and it got busy with 4 or 5 customers all wanting fragrance and some of them wanted it gift wrapped too...... i just wanted to cry :( but i said to myself 'ffs vicky buck up your ideas and get on with it, how will you ever get on if you let the little things beat you'

Before i knew it i had finished work and was on the bus home back to Dover. Whilst in Dover I went to pay some more of our special secret holiday to Disneyland and I added on some extras like, meal plans and dinner with the princesses :) we are having it on Tillys birthday so its going to be her treat :)

Anyway off to bed i go as i need to be up and ready for work tomorrow

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