Monday, 23 December 2013

please look out for everyone at xmas

Especially at this time of the year, we need to keep an eye out for our friends and family. it is the time of the year where people atart to have a good think about things in their life and others will realise they cant afford to provide for their family for xmas. Some people just get sad or depressed because the night are drawing in and its sad as you feel tucked up in your house without a soul to talk to. Often its not because people are simply sad but its because they are depressed, so here are a few tips for you to help keep an eye on your friends or if you feel like this please contact someone and tell them how you feel.

Feelings of Sadness

People who are depressed are most often described as “sad”. They may feel overwhelming sadness and the inability to be happy. This feeling may penetrate every part of their daily activities.
Some people who are depressed experience anger and irritability. These people are unhappy about their life and activities in it. They may find faults in things and people that used to make them happy.


Depressed individuals may get frustrated at simple things in their every day life. It could be as small as nothing on television. They may also be frustrated with themselves or other loved ones.

Focusing On Small Matters

People who are depressed may focus on small issues that are inconsequential. These small problems may disturb them greatly. They may not be able to see the big picture.

Inability To Have Fun

Some people who are depressed seem to be unable to experience fun or enjoyment anymore. They may have a good time, but after the activity is ended, they are back in a poor frame of mind.

Reduced Sex Drive

Depressed individuals may experience physical symptoms, which can manifest in an inability to enjoy sex. They may not experience pleasure in the same way they used to.

Loss of Interest In Daily Activities

People who are depressed may lose interest in their normal, daily activities. This can be as simple as not wanting to go to work, and as dangerous as not wanting to take their medications.


Some people who are depressed spend their nights worrying and experience insomnia. They may resort to taking sleeping medication or drinking alcohol in order to get rest.

Excessive Sleeping

Depressed individuals may conversely sleep excessively. They may not want to leave their beds, and can spend hours lounging in it. They may also fall asleep at inappropriate times.


People who are depressed may overeat. Some people console themselves with ice cream and fast food. Eating releases pleasure chemicals in the brain and will let them temporarily feel better. This feeling doesn’t last.

Loss of Appetite

Some people who are depressed experience a loss of appetite. This may be from anxiety and feeling nauseous. They may also slip into destructive eating habits to be able to control part of their world.


Depressed individuals may feel restless, like they want to do something but don’t know what it is. This can show itself with foot tapping and twitches. They may also have a short attention span and move from activity to activity without fully enjoying any of them.

Angry Outbursts

People who are depressed may get angry. They don’t understand what is happening to their mind and may feel helpless. This can manifest in angry outbursts at inappropriate times and to people who don’t deserve it.

Slowed Thinking

Some people who are depressed may have a slowed thinking process. You may quickly forget what you were saying or doing. For a youth, this can be difficult in a school setting.

Slowed Movements

Depressed individuals may also experience slowed movement. They may not walk as fast as they used to. If they used to be active, they may not exercise any longer.


People who are depressed may exhibit indecisiveness in their daily lives. They know that activities will not make them happy, so they cannot choose what to do.

Easily Distracted

Some people who are depressed get easily distracted. No activity holds their concentration. They might spend hours watching television or surfing the internet when they should be working or focused on other tasks.
Decreased Concentration

Depressed individuals may show signs of decreased concentration. Studying may be particularly hard. They may stare into space for hours instead of focusing on one task.


People who are depressed may experience great fatigue. This could be caused by improper sleep. They may want to sleep because they don’t have the will to do anything else.

Loss of Energy

Some people who are depressed have a loss of energy. This could be physical, where they stop doing normal activities. It could also be mental and emotional, where they push away loved ones.

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