Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The goodness of people at xmas

Last night i spent the whole night up chatting to a young girl on a PND support group as she was feeling so suicidal, and the support she received from the group was actually amazing, but i stayed awake untill 3.30am talking her out of doing anything stupid and then tried to see if i could offer any help to her. these situations break my heart and i wish i could save everyone from the demons, but its just not possible and the person has to be ready to help themselves too. Thankfully the young girl got in touch with the crisis team and today sought medical help. but the scary thought that you might lose your child in the process is enough to make you want to lose the will to live.

After a few hours sleep, my young lady woke me up by asking if it was morning, I told her no and she had to go back to sleep, she promptly opened the curtains and told me it was morning lol. luckily Today was my day off from work and there isn't many more left to come before the big day.

 I Spent today putting together some Xmas hampers of toys for some local children of families that might be struggling at this pretty expensive time of the year. Some of the stories that came with the toy hampers were so sad and i couldn't imagine how hard it must be for these certain families at this awkward time. I know we had a rough Christmas last year and this year kimmy came up with the idea for the hampers, we took it to the freebie group i am an admin on and we asked for donations. what we received was overwhelming. people went out of their way to help and donate, many of it was brand new. 

We managed to fill hampers for all the children nominated :) hopefully we made a difference to their xmas.  

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