Thursday, 26 December 2013

The London Game

For many years we have had a game of the london underground called The London Game, it is fun and you have to be able to trust your opponents and think about where their next move will be.

This year Zach bought the latest version of the game for Kimmy for christmas (the ones we had previously had always been car boot sale purchases and never seemed to last long.

You get given 6 cards with underground stations and you have to work across the board going to each station and showing your card, but along the way you have to change tube line and then you get given a hazard card and this can either help or hinder you. sometimes it gives you 3 consectutive turns and at other times it sends you to a station on the opposite side of the board. 

The winner is the first person to go to all the stops and lay out their cards before returning to the station they started on. 

We played this game a few times on xmas day (6 or 7 lol) before playing it again on boxing day, but we always get a game for xmas as its so hard to get the family together to have a board game time normally. I would recommend this to anyone who like this type of game, we have been playing it for years and have never got bored

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