Saturday, 7 December 2013

Tillys first visit to Santa for 2013

Today was a christmas school fete at our local school (possibly the one Tilly will go to). It was her first visit to see Santa this year and as predicted she clung on to us like a limpit. Eventually after the first initial scare she told santa that she wanted an innotab for xmas and accepted her girt that he gave her.

Then she went on to make some crafts and she made a lovely log with a candle for us to put on our xmas table :), it cost £1 andf she actually enjoyed to make it. Its so hard to pin her down to make crafts as she is more of an outdoor girl and would rather be running around. i was so proud of what she had made.

She then went and had her face painted, she chose a reindeer. unfortunatly after she had her face painted she had a big hissy fit and cried so her face painting ran :(

Overall it was a great school fete, but i still struggle with crowds and it was so very busy. 

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