Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tillys xmas list

Gone are the days where we would be grateful for the little gifts in life for xmas, Many thanks to the Disney Channel i would like to present Tillys xmas list

1/ Innotab (plus 2 games i bought)

2/ Merida dress from Brave (wasnt sure which one she really wanted so i got both)

3/ Various Disney Dvds that she has asked for over the year, thankfully lots were free as i used the codes from the Disney DVDs to get points and be able to request free ones (she hasnt got this many lol)

4/ Doc Mc stuffin Doll

5/ Harry Potter Dvds, she recently watched Harry Potter and was glued to it, so i thought i would start off a DVD collection for her and add to it over time

She is always asking for us to put her dvds on, so i thought as we travel alot and we have a big holiday coming up to disneyland, then this would make an ideal pressie, although its not on her list, its something i have added as well as many other various items from kids cook books to a nail painting set, my little girl is growing up so much and the bits she wants this year seem so grown up for her, but as i am back at work properly i have the money to do it for her. last year was such a struggle for us and its so nice to have the money to buy thing for her this year 

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