Friday, 20 December 2013

Xmas trip to London

So today (even though i am so tired and needed the time to sort out Xmas) i took tilly to London for the day, as we always go up before Xmas to see the lights and to go to the Xmas market on south bank. We left it so late this year as i had started my new job and kimmy is busy working too. So me and Tilda got on the train and she was so well behaved on the train up there, its a 2 hour and 15 minute train journey and she was so quiet until we got to the out skirts, then the excitement kicks in for her.

When we got to Waterloo, i told tilly we were meeting Nanny Jan under the clock in the sky (where i always meet people - its easier). so she found it, ran off and gave me the fright of my life and waited for her. She was so proud of what she had done and felt like a big girl.

After a small temper tantrum because she realised where we were and wanted to go on the London eye, we boarded the tube train to Oxford street, where we went to hamleys. OMG my little girl was in her element, we went through all the floors and she just ran from toys to toys. The staff working there were having so much fun and you could tell they enjoyed their job. Tilly loved the Lego department, with the life size Lego people in. In the shops we went to, Rilly kept asking for toys and we kept telling her to give them to the sales assistant and they would pass them on to santa, some played along so well, they even asked her name and whether she had been good

After that we went along Oxford street and i popped into the Disney store and OMG there was a complete 'Frozen' section including an ice cave to walk through. I asked Tilly if she wanted a toy for being so well behaved and she chose some frozen characters. We then went back on the tube to Waterloo and went on the London eye, followed by a walk along south bank looking at the Xmas market. the perfect finish to a perfect day

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