Saturday, 18 January 2014

an afternoon of bowling all expenses paid - who am i to say no!

For a few years i have been a mystery shopper for a company and occaisionally i dabble in it still but its hard to work as a mystery shopper when you have a 3 yr old running around your feet - there is nothing mystery about it.

But last week i was offered an afternoon bowling for two people, with meals and drinks. of course i took the challange up and today we found ourselves with friends heading to a bowling alley. Tilly has never been bowling (only as a tiny baby) and i had to quickly show her some videos on you tube to explain what you do. 

We arrived at the bowling alley with 4 kids in tow and found ourselves in the end lane, right in the corner - heck if i was the bowling lady, i would put us in the corner too! We had the sides up (i was quite releived about this!) and we had a stand for the little ones to roll their ball down. We took it in turns and to be quite blunt - we were all crap at it lol. The winner of the game was A 4 year old! (never been so embarrased ). 

We also had to order meals and have them bought to the bowling lane, it took forever to the meals arrive and i was starving, luckily it was a good meal and tilly was so impressed with her plate for her meal, that it seemed to fall into my bag at the end! oops

We then let the kids play on the machines for a while and watching
grace and Tilly play air hockey was hilarious. 

After the humiliation of being beaten at bowling by kids, i dont think i will be returning very fast ..... unless another mystery shop comes up ;) 

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