Saturday, 1 February 2014

Another week over!

So here we are at the end of another week in the life of the Hall-Newmans!

4 trips to the land of Folkestone to go to work and 4 lots of school runs over and done with mean a tired mummy and Tilly. So today we have stayed home and set up a hospital in the lounge so Tilly can play Doctors and nurses.

This week mainly consisted of me buying about 20 packs of surf liquitabs from Asda as it smells so lush and its on a special offer t the moment, i fear that they will soon have me banned from Asda and signed up to an addicts programme for addiction to soap powder! But i cant help myself, it just falls in my basket 3 bags at a time lol.

I managed to lose 2 and half pounds at weight watchers. i am so glad i swapped from slim fast as i really really like my food! you can eat as much as you want of certain foods and still lose weight, so to me its a win win situation. It helps that friends are doing it too so i have a bit of moral support. Kimmy is sticking to slim fast and doing really well on it, definitely a noticeable difference.  Well done to her <3

Bit the bullet this week and told the nursery that we need to drop Tillys late afternoons at school. She was going from 845 AM untill 6PM and it was too much for her, she kept crying for her mummy and being exhusted when she finished. When i collected her on tuesday night she was sobbing her heafrt out for me, and she got herself into such a state that she had a blotchy face and it took a long time to calm her down. Its hard to remember sometimes that she is only 3 years old and she was doing days longer than someone 10 years older than her! But the nursery were fine and we agreed that if Tilly is still having problems, then we will drop a few morning sessions.

This week we received a portable blood pressure monitor to review, Tilly took quite a liking to this and as she likes playing doctors at the moment she decided she would check us all out! She also had a go at putting it on her own arm, but this morning i had to phone nursery to explain that if she talks about things being put on her arm and going tighter and tighter, it is in fact the monitor she is talking about and not us putting her in a corner and tying her up! lol.

The passport saga carried on this last week , after i received a letter saying my passport had been refued as my old passprt was damanged with stains! omg - so what? it was an old passport and 4 years out of date! but i wrote them a nice letter saying it was damaged on our backpacking trip around europe about 8 years ago and the fact i got into the counrty with the strictest border control in the world (USA) after that, means the damage wasnt that bad. They then sent me a new passport and it arrived today :) So i will be going to Disneyland afterall! Talking of Disney, i went and added breakfast with Mickey Mouse to our package this week. We are going to have the best holiday :)

Funny week at work this week, today i was a bit hyper (the joys of Bipola) and i was actively selling my fragrance of the month (CK One Red, please come and buy some lol) but it gave me chance to have one on one with the customers and with the interaction it did help the sales slightly and my fragrance counter was the busiest its been all month :)

Today i finally called the Tax credits and told them my actual figures of earnings as i had only estimated it last year - but me being me left it till last minute as the thought of phoning people like this really scares me :(  but its done and sorted out .... for another few months!

January is now over and it seems like it was the longest month ever - it has gone so slow ...... roll on feb

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