Monday, 27 January 2014

Defining Chaos!

Personally I believe that in this universe, everything is based on some logic. We call this logic sequences order. This means that there is no such thing called chaos. Is it true? The question is… how can we define chaos?

Chaos in our household is Me and Tilly getting up in the morning to get ready for school and work, having to drag kimmy out of bed because Tilly wont eat breakfast and has just got undressed for the third time. Then dashing out of the house with two minutes to spare before the bus turns up and i really cant miss it because i need to drop Tills at school before the 1 hour and 10 mins commute to work. 

Chaos is getting on the bus with unbrushed hair and toothpaste around your mouth, checking you have a bra on as you dressed in a rush to get out the door. Looking through your bag for your bus ticket, and pulling out a spare pair f tillys knickers, a packet of colouring pencils, money, lollies, make up and a hair brush to get your ticket thats hidden in the bottom of your bag. then as you realise people are looking, you smile apologetically and take a take a seat next to the child that is now crying as she wanted to sit sideways by herself and you have to sit at the back of the bus alone!

Chaos is then dragging the child to nursery as your really late and she insists on jumping in every puddle and you mumble apologies to the passersby as she soaks them and to your dismay you look down at her feet to discover she is wearing her best clarks shoes in the puddles. you take her hand and rush down the road with her so fast that her feet dont touch the ground. You finally reach nursery where you turn up late and pass the child over. only then do you check Tillys lunch box to discover the sweets and half a sandwich in there, where you left one of the other kids in charge of lunch, you mumble apologies to the teacher and then rummage in your bag for a snack that might be added to the lunch box.

After the drama of the school drop off and the realisation that the teachers must think your a mad woman with no idea how to raise a child (well lets face it, who really knows?) you run for the next bus to work. You sit on a seat at the back and start to put your make up on, and you finally find time to put a brush through your hair. You try not to cry as it goes through the knots that have been worse by the chaotic trip to school and the dashing around. You pin your hair up, assess the baggy eyes and the wrinkles that seem to be appearing overnight and try your best to disguise them. You look in the mirror, pleased with your effort of makeup application on the moving rickety old bus and sit back to enjoy the rest of the journey. 

You arrive at work and just before you go and join your colleagues on the fragrance counter, you take one last look in the mirror and the sight that looks back at you is one of smudged make up (ok so maybe it didnt look so good on the bus), your hair has fallen out of place and you work top is inside out ..................

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