Thursday, 30 January 2014

Defining eyebrows in 5 easy steps

My eyebrows just dont seem to sit right at the moment and no matter how much i try to shape them, the are so much thicker on some parts than the others. so i finally decided that its maybe time to start looking at defining my eyebrows and i thought what a perfect way for me to share my new found knowledge than sharing on my blog. I have got so used to wearing make up now that i am back at work properley and someone even said to me today that its like having the old Vicky back. But my eyebrows do let me down. So here is the know how on defining eyebrows

  1. Brush your eyebrows in the direction they grow and look in the mirror to see if they need a bit of shaping or tweezing. I use Superdrug Eye brow shapers Never trim the ends of your eyebrows as it will make the eyebrows look too short. Your eyebrows should look in proprtion with your face.
  2. Get an eye pencil or some eyebrow powder or eyeshadow and outline the eyebrows, choose a colour that matches your eyebrow colour, not your hair colour because your eyebrows are normally darker than your hair colour anyway. Feather in your brows starting from the inner corners to the upper arches and then slightly elongate the brows from the outer brow, it makes a difference to the shape with just a few strokes. 

  3. Then take a look at your brows and if you need to, you can soften the look with an eyebrow brush.
  4. Using concealer brush apply concealer right under your brows to define the browline and clean up the smudges of the shadow. You can also apply concealer on the upper part of your brow as well you can usually apply to just the outer half of the upper browline. This will make the look of your brows more dramatic, edgy and very defined.

  5. You can then seal the look with an eyebrow gel this will thibken the brow and add some weight to the brow that you have built up with the colour you added.
You can buy Eye Defining kits from your Local superdrug and if you cant get it instore you can order it from the superdrug website and then have it delivered instore for free

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