Wednesday, 22 January 2014

fluffy playdoh

At the weekend we decided to get together with Tillys friend grace and make some fluffy pladoh, the concept of making it is so so easy and you only need 3 ingrediants. Here is a step by step way to make fluffy playdoh, and the best thing is that you might even have the products at home in the cupboard. 


food colouring

1/ firstly you get a bowl or mixing tub and add conditioner, we used an everyday normal one, but you could use an own brand cheap one, but the consistancy will be runnier

2/ you add cornflour and mix untill its nearly all mixed together

3/ add the colouring that you wish to have, we chose pink and green. mix it all well untill it forms a pliable ball. 

4/ add more cornflour if you need to and then the balls of fluffy playdoh are ready to play with. 

I did in fact spend saturday evening picking this from my carpet, but unlike playdoh it didnt get caught in the pile and it was so easy to pick up or even hoover up. Its a very messy process if the kids make it, but they thoroughly enjoy it and its good for them to see how different ingredients can be put together to make make something completely different. So if your looking for something to do on a rainy weekend or you want to do something with the little ones and you have no cash, then this is ideal. 

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