Friday, 24 January 2014

How to make mummy feel guilty

I am so glad its Friday, It appears to have been a long week for Tilly and add a bit of confusion for her and it resulted in an inconsolable little baby on Wednesday night.

My boss at work was really good to take one of my 5.30 finishes away from me so i am now able to collect Tilly from school on a tuesday night as well as drop her off in the morning. It felt so good on tuesday to be able to collect her from school myself and see her little face light up as she had been saying for about a week that she wanted mummy to get her from school. After i had collected her, she spent the whole evening grinning at me as she was so happy. You wouldnt think that a little thing like that would make a little girl so happy, but it did :)

So we got up on wednesday morning and i took her to school, even though it was a little bit later than normal. Tilly had a really good night sleep and had got up at 6am, so by the time i dropped her off we had been subjected to 3 temper tantrums and constant winghing from her. but i handed her over at nursery and she gave me loads of cuddles and lots of kisses .... more than normal, it was as if she was having problems letting go. It played on my mind for all of 5 minutes before i got sidetracked and started to think about getting to work.

At 5.30 i got a phone call from kimmy as Tilly was inconsolable and was sobbing her little heart out, asking for me. I tried to explain that i was at work and i would be home soon but 3 year olds wont listen to you if they dont want to, will they? The journey home was the longest journey i have ever had to take since starting work in folkestone and i just wanted to get home to my little girl, it was as if time had gone on a go slow.

Finally i got home and asked her why she was so upset and she told me that she missed me and wanted me. i think she had got confused and thought as i had dropped her off at school the day before and then collected her, that i was going to do it again and although she loves her sister very much, she just wanted her mum.

Nice one Tills - how to make mummy feel bad about leaving you whilst i work :( , but hopefully everything will be fine today as kimmy has taken her to school and her brother is collecting her.

We will see :)

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