Wednesday, 22 January 2014

I need this perfume in my life ......

I am just putting it out there incase anyone wants to buy it for me....... but this is a new fragrance i have discovered and in Tillys words 'its luscious!'.

Michael Kors Sexy Amber is an amazing fragrance made up of

amber note, wrapped in the soft sweetness of white flowers. In the base, sandalwood is unveiled in waves of unforgettable, sultry warmth. So although it seems to have all sorts of flowers in its notes, it really isnt to floral in its smell. Its a very strong smell and a little spray lasts a long time, so although it is very expensive (£54 for 50 mls), it will work out to be a fab investment as it will last a long time.

So just remember everyone, valentines day is coming up, so is easter and mothers day so just dropping a few hints if someone would like to buy it ;)

I need this in my life ;) xx

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