Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year Day Parade

For many years i have always said i had wished i had gone to the New Year Day parade in London, but this year I decided i had wanted to go enough times and this year i was going to do it. So after a few days of wondering whether to go or not, i got up on New Years Day and decided i was going to start the year on a positive. Tilda and i got up, got dressed and took the slow train to Charing Cross.

When we got to London it was pouring with rain, but i thought this would only mean that less people would go to the parade. We walked to Trafalgar Square and the people watching the parade were 4 rows back, but my clever little Tilly climbed through the rows of people to get herself a prime spot at the front (all i could see was a little red coat)

The theme was 'hippies' and most of the floats were 60s or 70s based and she loved it, there was even a few disney princesses chucked in for good measure. it was fun to see all the Boroughs of London come together and put something on, Even schools from USA came over to participate and there was a group of cheeleaders that Tills fell in love with ( she is now going to be a cheerleader when she is a big girl )

Some of the costumes on the participants were really good and you could see alot of thought and effort had gone into it

Tilly Absoulutely loved the Scooby Doo float, but lets be honest - who doesnt like Scooby? isnt it the cartoon that most of us grow up on?

Even the older kids sit down and watch Scooby Doo as they watched it when they were little.

After a while Tilly said she was cold and wet (we had watched the Parade for an hour and half and it was still going!) so we headed back to Charing Cross to go over the river to The Dungeons (tillys choice). But i bought her a hot chocolate from Costa and she drank it, the had an asthma attack and threw up in the train station as she couldn't quite catch her breath, soon after she fell asleep and we went to the dungeons and as i queued and started the tour, she slept. Waking up not long after it had started.

We did the tour of the London Dungeons then i told her we had to back to the train now, but there was no way she was letting me get away without taking her on the London Eye, so we used our Merlin passes again and got on there for free too. The London Eye in the dark is so good as you can see London all lit up.

Eventually it was time to go back to waterloo, and to make our way home. Tilly didnt want to, but didnt understand how late it would be when we got home, so she was soon bribed with a MacDonalds chicken nugget meal :)

I couldnt think of a better way to start the new year than on an adventure

Happy new year to you all

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