Friday, 3 January 2014

Play date

Today we went to Dover for a little playdate for Tilly, we were off to a friends house so Tilly could play with Mia, another princess loving little girl.

Tilly had never met her before but she played so nicely with her and they were both in their element sharing prams and dollies and dressing up, whilst the mummies had a grown up time and a cuppa.

It did Tilly good to go to someones house to play, she doesnt really have many friends of her own that she does play dates with as its impossible to bring people back to our house for play dates. I live in a 2 bed house, and there are 5 of us here, we are always tripping over each other and if we put another child into the equation it would just be too much lol. She has a few friends at nursery school but there are only about 10 children in her nursery class. It does worry me a bit about when she starts big school and there are going to be loads of kids in her reception class.

After Tillys play date, we took the bus home, but Tilly threw the biggest hissy fit and screamed for 10 minutes on the bus before falling asleep - i dont think i have ever been so embarrased

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