Friday, 24 January 2014

Poverty Britian

Times are hard for us all at the moment and Sadly things seem to be getting tougher without the help needed from the government who are quite happy to line their pockets with gold, whilst watching the people struggle and many starve.

It is a sad fact that more people are turning to shoplifting to provide for their families, there has been a marked rise in the figures lately as more and more first time shoplifters are caught trying to steal a joint of meat to feed their family or a tin of soup. Thankfully where i live there is a Food bank run by The Trussel Trust and if anyone is in need of food for 3 days they can pop into the local CAB and get a voucher to exchange for 3 days worth of food for you and your family. The food bank has only been in place for about 18 months but it has helped so many families and its helped me out of a sticky situation twice. The food bank welcomes anyone, you dont have to be on benefits, you dont have to be old or a single parent. You just need to be in need of help. They dont pry or be nosey but they lend an ear for listening. They make you a cuppa whilst your package is made up and you are given 3 days worth of food, but any mother will know when your desperate you can make that 3 days worth of food last a week if you have to. Without the food bank many families would suffer more. Now every time i go to sainsburys i pick up an extra tin of beans or something and put it in the foodbank bin.

Child poverty is rife at the moment and its only getting worse, whilst some people try to hide how hard things are for shame and embarrassment, the fact remains that you just cant afford to provide for your children like a wealthy parent could. The poverty line in the UK is defined as a household income below 60% of the average. This threshold is currently around £195 a week for a lone parent with two children. Using this definition there are over 3 million children living in poverty. Shockingly almost half of these children (1.4 million) live in families with a household income far below this – an average of £124 per week for one adult and two children. At least half of the children living in poverty have a parent who works, showing that low paid work is just as likely to cause financial hardship as reliance on benefits.

The most shocking of facts is that its not even the most poorest of families struggling to keep their house warm at the moment, I ran out of gas last night and my house is draughty anyway but luckily i had the money to put on the gas card. 

Some people just cant afford it :( , this is where the elderly and vulnerable people become ill and often die because of the effects of the cold weather - yet STILL energy prices rise! 

I am a working mummy and i still struggle to manage on what we get a week to survive. I work 16 hours a week at minimum wage on a job i love, Tilly goes to nursery and 2 days are funded but 2 days are not meaning i have to foot a childcare bil of £104 for 4 days of school. I get 70% of this paid by the government but i still have to find £30 odd quid a week to put towards childcare which is hard. I have to pay £6 a day for bus fare to get to work everyday, which takes between and hour and ten minutes, to an hour and half. I got to work for my shift and then take the long bus journey home. I am exhausted most nights and my little girl is missing out on so much quality time with me. i am losing touch with my friends :( and My money i earn has to stretch to cover  the 5 people that live in my 2 bedroom house and there isnt extra money for luxuries at the moment, loads of things need replacing and i cant afford to do it, its such a slow process, but hopefully we will get there and get back on our feet soon. 

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