Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sensory play with coloured spaghetti.

As it was a wet afternoon we decided to make some rainbow spaghetti. This is good to help the little ones with their colours, it shows them some 'magic' and it also means you can use it in art as we did :)

To do this you need the following ingredients and its so simple:

different food colourings
plastic bags (as a back up incase the food colouring doesnt stick to the pasta)

we Got four pans on the boil with water and add your spaghetti, Also add our food colouring and waited for the spaghetti to cook. We used red, pink, blue and green food colouring. The pink and red clung to the pasta perfectly but the blue and green not so much, so we put them in a plastic bag and added each colour to each bag. This method worked really well.

When the pasta was cooled down we gave it to the Tilly and her friend Grace to play with, they liked putting their hands in it and playing with it. Its fab for sensory and it was all gooey.

They both asked us to draw a picture and they put glue on their picture and added the spaghetti to make spaghetti art. When they had finished their picture we sealed it with more PVA glue to keep the spaghetti in place.

This was a very messy play but the girls loved doing it :)

you could do this with pasta shapes and change the theme for different occaisions. For example you could use halloween colours and pretend they are worms for halloween and hide the goodies in with the spaghetti

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