Saturday, 11 January 2014

Slim fast

So this week i decided that i would see what i could do about dieting, I thought this time round (yes i have tried dieting about 100 times in the past!) i would give slim fast a go. i bought a tin of chocolate milkshake as it was half price and some of the slim fast snacks.

I have never been remotely interested in the slim fast diet as i love my food! i am a snacker and thats where my problem is. But with the new job completely settled down now and struggling to find time to actually sit and have a meal, i decided that now was the time to give it a go. i started it on monday morning. i had a shake before i went to work, i had a snack before i started work at 11am and then by the time i had finished my shift and got home at 5pm, i thought i was genuinley going to die! i was so hungry i could eat a horse. I got home, crawled up the stairs and flopped out on my bed and there i stayed all night. Kimmy bought me some dinner up and i gobbled it down. So the next day i decided to do things differently. I had the shake at 10am, so it was a little later than the day before, i went off to work and i had a meal bar at 1.15pm, just before my shift started then when i finished and got home by 7pm, my dinner was ready and i ate it. but i never felt like i was dying of starvation, as the days have gone on, i am getting used to the diet. I even havent been tempted to stray and pinch tillys sweets or have a fattening evening meal.

The diet works by having 2 shakes in the day time one for breakfast and one for lunch, you can have 3 healthy snacks (either choose from a slim faast snack, a peice of fruit or i even have a weight watchers snack sometimes) and then in the evening you have a meal that is 600 calories or less. And its actually amazing what meals you can have for that generous amount of calories. I will weigh myself after a week to see how i  am geting on, but untill then - i have chocolate milkshake ;)

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