Monday, 20 January 2014

Surgical facelifts could be a thing of the past

I have always prided myself for having younger looking skin and at 41 i think i still have young-ish looking skin. But nobody ever tells me that i look in my 20's like they did 4 or 5 years ago.

Since i had Tilly i have found the sleepless nights and the stress have done no good to for youthful looks. Quite often i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and think there is another woman in the room with me, then with a heavy heart i realise it is me and i know i should face up to reality and look at ways to look after my skin and keep it younger looking - Im not ready to give up so bring it on!

I recently read an article which peeked my interest. Apparently those glamourous French women have been using a secret weapon in skin care to keep ahead.

I found about about a really interesting combination of skin rejuvenation on this . Is a clinic in Dublin who have come up with this unique combination of treatments for women like me who are not quite ready to go under the surgeons knife.

The first Step is microdermbrasion. Many of you will be familiar with this. It basically removes fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage from the upper dermis. But what is the wrinkles and scars are deeper.

Thats where Step 2, Mesotherapy or skin needling comes it. It uses tiny needles on a controlled machine to penetrate and reduce problems deeper in the Mesoderm (middle layer).

I have actually seen this process being done at a professional Beauty show in London and the lady just laid there relaxed. She said it felt quite nice. Not like a needle at all but more like a slight vibration to the skin.

After the treatment, she skin shown slight redness but nothing more. A little roller is used with minute needles on it that are filled with tiny amounts of ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids and hyauronic acid. As the roller rolls over your face, the needles inject your face(just .5 millimetres under your skin, that means not to hit the nerves that hurt) with the ingredients that will help to fight the signs of ageing. Within one month of having this procedure done, you will notice a 70% improvement in your skin.

With Mesotherapy or skin needling, the skin cells on the deeper layers are spontaneously stimulated and the body works itself to make new skin cells and grow new skin as opposed to something like lasering where your skin is artificially improved and is therefore a much safer process for you to have done. You can use this a a stand alone procedure or you can have one done as part of the 3 Steps to younger skin programme. I have found a website called which specialises in this treatment.

At the moment their "3 Steps to Younger Skin Programme" is hitting the headlines and the reviews look hot. Apparently, mesotherapy has been the secret of french womens famously younger looks for many years now. And we all know French ladies pride themselves on their good looks and flawless skin. The 3 Steps are Microdermabrasion, Mesotherapy or skin needling and Diathermy. Quite a unique combo! Ive been checking out whats involved and Im quite enthusiastic about giving it a go.

                                                                    Diathermy is the the final Step 3.
Its a process that will rid the skin of those horrible broken capillarys, red veins, thread veins and spider neavi on the face. You know the ones that you cant cover up with makeup around the nose and cheeks? Well, diathermy is a treatment that has been around for many years and it will zap away your blemishes in around 15 - 20 minutes.
 So there you have it, a non surgical face lift, and this really appeals to me. Not only can I save a fortune, but its also less scary than having to go under the surgeons knife. If your not local to Dublin, you could combine it with a weekend away - go to Dublin, get a non surgical facelift at Dublin Vitality Center and see the sights of this beautiful country. Who is to know what you have had done? Brilliant.!

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