Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The day we became chocolatiers

On sunday we decided that we would make some chocolates, so first of all we gathered the ingredients and i told Tilly she could do it herself (obviously i melted the chocolate and let it cool a bit before i gave it to her)

our ingredients

breaking the chocolate up

stirring the melted chocolate

spooning it into the mould

Tillys finished mould.......

.... and the mould after mummy tidied it up lol

I told  her what to do, each step of the way and she was so confident with it. Tilly felt so grown up.

It was very messy and she loved the responsibility of making her own chocolates. We had some chocolate left over so at the end Tilly made some chocolate covered nuts too :)

Adding the nuts to the chocolate and stirring them in

Placing them on the tray to dry

the finished nuts

And the most important part ;)

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