Thursday, 9 January 2014

The woes of online dating

Its no secret that i met Tillys dad on an online dating website. Iknew him for 3 years as a friend online before i actually met him in person. Then as we got to know each other, i fell in love with him pretty quickly. Only to discover that he had a secret life that he failed to tell me and he had kept it secret the whole time i knew him.

So with this history of a major disaster (i did get tilly from the relationship, so not all bad) i decided that i would never part take in online dating again. UNTILL a friend of mine signed up to a dating website and i got drawn back into the whole life of online dating.

Anyway, from my super scientific research on the matter, I’m still going to say that online dating is as bad as real life dating. And I have the entire town of Deal at my fingertips to find someone .But when you go out in the evening and your stood in the pub at the bar, your vision is completely altered by the alcohol and the beer goggles firmly take place on your eyes and the men are 100 times better than they would be in a sober moment, and his jokes may seem funny at the time but in reality he drones on about the most boring of things. With online dating you can talk to someone when there is no alcohol involved and really get to know each other before you go out for a drink.

Once you have chosen the person you wish to send a message to, you then have to decide how to write a message to them. Do you make a comment about their profile to start the conversation on a joke and show your witty side. Do you compliment their picture, but then that makes you shallow as your looking at what they look like rather than getting to know them. What about just getting straight to the point and writing 'Hi there, lets cut out the messaging and just go out for a drink' - short and sweet and often works, but others will think its a bit of a rush and gives the other sex the impression that your after one thing!

So once again i have decided that online dating is not for me ..... but for blog research purposes i will carry on reading the messages that i get sent and chuckle at the ones that use the cheesy chat up lines and expect you to go out for one date and then go to their place for 'coffee' after. This is why the 5 date rule is implemented, if a bloke wants to take you out and have a laugh and you enjoy each others company then he wont rush things with you, he will wait for 5 dates to really get to know you before trying to take it further.

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