Sunday, 26 January 2014

who left my child in charge of a scooter?

Today i had arranged to meet my friend Amy and her son jude for a few hours in town for a trip to the arcades and a scooter along the pier. So we took the scooter to town on the bus and our first stop was the bike shop as Tillys helmet had been left in the shed all winter and had gone manky, so i went to the independent bike shop in town and asked about a cycle helmet for her, the cheapest was £15! But i knew they would be cheaper in Argos. But in that split moment do you moan at the price and buy the helmet or not buy the helmet and then watch in horror as your child is knocked off her scooter and is left with a brain injury.

So we  left the shop with a lovely brand spanking new helmet that the bloke in the shop had actually measured her head for and then fitted it properly for her. He then even gave her scooter a once over to make sure it was ok. This is customer service you wouldn't get from Argos.

We cut through town and Tilly unfortunately left a trail of destruction and people with sore feet in her path and i sounded like i had tourettes with my repeatative, sorry, sorry, sorry. and we finally made it to the arcades where Tilly insisted i put in £3.00 of coppers to win a little animal that i could of bought in a multi pack for £1 in poundland, but the look on her face was lovely when she finally won something.  

We then took a walk and scooter down the pier, atleast the people of town were safer as she could scooter without the threat of life to others. 

She and Jude, her little friend had a fab time and we went for a milkshake and some lunch at the cafe at the end of the pier before a stroll back to town and then home time. Poor little bugger had spent 4 hours scootering in town and then as soon as she got home she crashed out for an hour. 

Not happy that we laughed at her milkshake moustache!

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