Thursday, 23 January 2014

Yellow wellies

Since she could walk and i bought her first pair of shoes, my little Tilly has had an obsession with shoes! This week she has given me the mission of buying her Yellow wellies - Oh my days, where do i start looking for yellow wellies?

I popped into my local Shoe Zone store in Town and as ever they were really helpful, but unfortunately even they didn't stock yellow wellies :( The manager and Sales assistant even looked on the computer to see if they could be ordered into store. Sometimes when someone goes the extra mile for you, it makes you feel like an extra special customer.

The staff at shoe zone have always been helpful and patient with Tilly, especially when she insists on going in and trying on 4 different pairs of shoes, even though she is only a small size 8 and she chooses shoes that are 3 sizes to big and insists the staff have measured her feet wrong as she likes the shoes and they will be perfect for her.

If shoes sparkles and shines then she has to have them, The staff are so good and if they know i don't have the money to buy them, they will offer to 'look after them' until i have money, but in reality they go back on the shelf lol.

Every time we go in there she has to get the foot measurer out and have her feet measured - just in case she has grown and can have some bigger girl shoes. Tilly has more shoes and wellies than Imelda Marcos yet still always needs more and she always knows of an occasion to wear them. This time of the year Wellies are her favourite, they are easy to pop on and off and she will wear them for any occasion, she even wears them to birthday parties! She also knows that if she wears wellies she can splash in the puddles (like you do).

So here i am again tonight searching the internet for a cheap pair of Yellow wellies that might satisfy my daughters shoe obsession for a week or two. i am looking for affordable, somewhere that does click and collect (saves on postage) and some that she will like! this is all easier said than done.

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