Tuesday, 7 January 2014

you know you have a 3 year old ..........

When your a mum of a three year old, your life is full of Sofia the first, Disney princesses and pirates. Your holidays are a night or two in a travelodge or premier inn, because you cant afford much more because the said 3 year old drains you of all your money because she wants the latest dressing up outfit or a new innotab game and if you say no, they throw themselves on the ground and scream, make you out to be a bad parent and everybody stares.

Your three year old goes to nursery full of exciting stories of things she has done, and in fact she has never done them and your embarrassed red cheeks make the teacher realise she is full of fairy tales. When she comes home from nursery and tells you that the teachers went home and she had to do after school club herself. this meant making her own scrambled egg on toast. Everyday you live in complete fear of the next story that is going to come out of her mouth and embarrass you when she tells the teacher or even a random stranger on the bus.

when you need to go out, it takes FOREVER for your 3 year old to choose something to wear, and after dressing her twice, you go up to clean your teeth and when you get downstairs, your child is sitting there in her underwear again, so you just grab the nearest scruffy outfit and shove it on the child before dragging her to dash out the door. You make the bus just in time and the bus driver looks at you with a sympathetic smile, as your stood there with unbrushed hair, no make up on and porridge in your hair, where you have tried to feed the child after a fight about not needing breakfast (and today is the day there is a hot bus driver on there) Then when you finally get to town - you child undresses in the precinct!

You know you have a 3 year old when its a constant battle to clean her teeth, wash her hair and even brush her hair everyday. If she had her way, i am sure she would have social services on speed dial.

Sadly you know you have a 3 year old when they have started to be a bully to their friends and they threaten to scrach their friends. but many years ago someone said to me that you should never fall out with the mums because the kids will be friends again by tomorrow. But in the meantime, you try to disipline your child for being a bully and she is distraught and cant stop crying - this in turns makes you feel like the bully!!!

When your trying to prepare yourself for the fact that your baby is soon going to big school and at the same time with a heavy heart you have to prepare your baby for going. So you spend hours and hours trying to get her to hold a pencil properley and she says that she is the one holding it properley and your doing it wrong. When you try to teach her to ride her bike and apparently her legs are broken! When you patienty try to tell her that her name is 'Matilda' and you tell her that the M looks like a crown (fits in with the disney princess obsession) and when your in public and you dont realise how loud you are and you say 'Look tills, point to the letter that starts matilda, where i the crown letter?' and passersby look at you as if your nuts! Somehow i dont know if we wil be ready for september - i may be in a padded room by then.

But of all the times she embarrasses me with her fairy stories and mishaps, she is mine and there will never be anyone like tilly. She came into our life at the perfect time and she pulled my little family together. She brings excitement to my life and everyday is different for us. yes its a juggle and i will forever be leaving the house with unbrushed hair, with toothpaste on my chin and tired eyes where she hasnt gone to sleep untill midnight the night before. but i cherish every moment we all have together.

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