Saturday, 1 February 2014

101 Things to do when you are really bored and looking for a bit of fun ;)

    We all have days when we are bored and when i am on a Bipolar high, its hard to sit still and all i want to do is create havoc somewhere and make everyone as happy and funny as i feel - here are some ideas for when we feel like being mischievous again ;)

  1. Learn how to swear in different languages.
  2. Yell a dramatic countdown and at the end do nothing.
  3. Climb up trees and drop marshmallows on people.
  4. With a serious face, order a diet water whenever you go out to eat.
  5. Go to Starbucks and pay for your drink in pennies.
  6. Point to the sky in a public place and see how many people look up to where you’re pointing.
  7. Make a sock puppet and then go around and annoy everyone with it.
  8. Go up to a guy tap him in the back and say “tag your it,”.
  9. Take a quarter and super glue it to the floor in town. Watch how many people try to pick it up!
  10. Go to a furniture store and spin on all the spinny chairs. See which one spins the fastest.
  11. Cover yourself from head to toe in glitter and ask someone, “Does this make me look fat?”.
  12. Tell people thank you for no reason.
  13. Make up a religion and try to get people to follow it.
  14. See how fast you can run in your house without bumping into something.
  15. Go to a supermarket and buy a tub of ice cream only to go back later and complain it melted.
  16. Cut a bar of soap in half and put it in the microwave for a minute. Watch it bubble and grow!
  17. Meow when you are in the lift, even if it has other people in it.
  18. Sneak around your neighborhood and if anyone asks what you are doing say you are a ninja.
  19. Switch your right and left shoes with your other feet and see if anybody ever notices.
  20. Narrate your life.
  21. Sit in a tree and stare people down as they drive by.
  22. The to next random person that asks you for directions, scream “STRANGER DANGER!”.
  23. Smile for an hour and see if your mouth gets stuck like that.
  24. In the middle of class at school bite someone and tell your teacher you were hungry.
  25. Make a cake that looks like a carrot and eat it. Beat that, health!
  26. Spend hours on this site and then realize you have something better to do.
  27. Look into a mirror and have a staring contest with yourself.
  28. Follow a random person around while singing an obnoxious song!
  29. Make a trail of sticky notes of your life story…
  30. Prove a teacher wrong.
  31. Dial a random number and say im bored, wanna talk?
  32. Got to a scary movie with an airhorn and beep it loud as u can.
  33. Cut a piece of paper while blinking your eyes a mile a minute.
  34. Say ” dying is bad for your health” to everyone in your school.
  35. Finish every sentence with “in my pants”. It’s fun, in my pants!
  36. Go to a restaurant and swap total strangers’ plates with each other while both are in the bathroom.
  37. Pretend to be a power ranger all day, make sure to pose.
  38. Type “Chuck Norris Google” in Google and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.
  39. Run up to your mom and scream as loud as you can and then just walk away…….
  40. Toast toast with a toaster! To the extreme!!!!!
  41. Start singing the national anthem in the library VERY LOUDLY.
  42. Take a ball and throw it at your brother.
  43. Crank up some music and Hyper Dance!!!!!!!
  44. Pretend to fall down a mountain.
  45. throw skittles at people and say “TASTE THE FRICKEN RAINBOW!!!”.
  46. Whenever your friend says a word that starts with the letter D, cough on them.
  47. Punch yourself then fight back.
  48. Tell random people “DUDE! that wig almost looks REAL!!! “.
  49. Say to a friend you can stand on one leg longer than him and when he does it, push him.
  50. Go to the nearest town and ask a hobo for money.
  51. Run up to a person, tap them and scream “TAG YOUR IT!” then see if they chase you.
  52. Paint yourself green and stand in your neighbour’s yard.
  53. Invent a new word. Use it frequently in conversations.
  54. Pile up some pillows and try to jump over them.
  55. Make an army out of gummy bears to take over Russia.
  56. Put a marshmallow in the microwave for 20 minutes and see what happens.
  57. turn off the lights, and pull out a fork, and scream “IM A NINJA!”.
  58. Go into an elevator and stare at everyone in it.
  59. Make up funny words, and search them on Google.
  60. When someone says “Have a nice day,” tell them you have other plans.
  61. Go to McDonalds wearing a Burger King crown.
  62. When your friends or someone says your name say MOO!
  63. Find every bit of loose paper in the house and staple them together.
  64. Read a book by a person that has the same first name as you.
  65. Slap yourself continually in public, then scream “darn pixies!”.
  66. Juggle with bananas.
  67. Tape yourself to the ceiling and when someone walks under you. Try to fall on them like a ninja!
  68. Draw faces on your eggs.
  69. Call someone up and start singing Happy Birthday!!!
  70. Collect the stickers off of bananas and go to random people and ask if they want to buy them.
  71. Wave at someone, and when they wave back give them an angry face yelling “What?!?!?”.
  72. Try to run on water in your local swimming pool.
  73. walk into McDonalds and ask for directions to Burger King.
  74. Poke something. Anything.
  75. Eat an ice-cream with a fork.
  76. Find a cooking show on TV and try to smell the food.
  77. Go up to random people on the street and scream. Then just walk away like nothing happened.
  78. Lick your elbow. It’s not impossible.
  79. Dare someone to do the next 5 random things on this site.
  80. Start a rap battle with your grandma.
  81. Have a conversation with yourself.
  82. Find out why everyone thinks you are so weird.
  83. Walk into a store and give random comments to people buying stuff.
  84. Go watch a horror movie in the theaters and scream at the parts that aren’t the least bit scary.
  85. Go sledding outside right now…even if there is no snow!
  86. Answer everything anyone says with “your mom”.
  87. Call a celebrity and tell them you are the Easter Bunny. Some may believe you.
  88. Pass out crackers randomly.
  89. Walk naked everywhere and say that wearing clothes contradicts your religion.
  90. Go to a pet store and formally introduce yourself to each animal.
  91. Start dancing in the middle of the store, then grab a stranger and make them dance with you!
  92. Ask a stranger if they have seen your dog while you are walking it. 
  93. At a car wash go in with cloths on and then come out wearing different clothes. 
  94. Call Pizza Hut, and ask for a cheese pizza.. Then say,"Remember no cheese!" Hang up.
  95.  Jump on a trampoline while singing "I Believe I Can Fly".
  96. get a Shiny Yo-Yo and exitedly say to some one "Look at this! It's my shiny thing, do you like it?"
  97. Narrate what everyone around you is doing
  98. point a banana at someone and yell 'freeze punk'
  99. Order a Happy Meal at McDonald's, turn it upside down, and yell at the cashier MY HAPPY MEAL'S SAD!!
  100. Hide in a wardrobe in Ikea and when someone opens it say 'welcome to Narnia'
  101.  Walk up to some random person get real close an utter Luke i am your father(deep darth vader voice).

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