Saturday, 8 February 2014

A week in the life of Tilly

Well this week was certainly an emotional one, My son Zach who is 20 next month was offered a job in Norway. It had been on his plans for nearly a year now, but it seemed so real on Monday when he told me he had been offered a 6 month job at a golf club in Notteroy, a town 120kms from from oslo i was really excited for him. But then on wednesday when he told me that his new employers had booked his flight - i was so upset as it seemed so real. But he is nearly 20 and i am so excited that he has this chance to go to a new country and work. i am quite possibly a bit jealous lol.
One problem that i am not looking forward to facing is that i will have the fall out of Both Zach and Tilly missing each other. Zach has such a close bond with Tills that it will almost be like leaving his own child behind when he goes. And the same with Tilly as zach is her father figure and they are the best of friends. I have mentioned to Tilly that zach is going to live in another country and we will have to go on an aeroplane to visit him, a prospect she is excited about but she probably wont really understand untill he goes.

I am of course looking forward to many visits to Norway in the summer months and making the most of our brand new passports.

Tilly has been poorly with her asthma for most of the first part of the week and i had 4 sleepless nights with her - it got to the point that i was falling asleep on the commute to work! But she seems to be over the worse and will soon be back on her feet. It was also the first week of her reduced hours at school and i have noticed a difference in her already and i have started to listen to her when she says on my day off that she is tired and wants to stay in all day. :)

Work is pretty awesome as always! but i am always glad for the weekends with Tilly :)

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