Tuesday, 4 February 2014

B Range from Superdrug

I would like to share a little beauty secret with you that i have found on the shelves of Superdrug.

There is a range called 'B' that is flying off the shelves, and it is as good as the L'oreal Skin care range. Superdrug believes in every woman’s instinct to recognise and appreciate the beauty that surrounds her. The skincare is formulated to work for you and  It covers the age ranges from 20+ to the over 50s.
B. products are not tested on animals and all carry the leaping bunny symbol of Cruelty Free International (formerly BUAV). its suitable for vegetarians and vegans All products are paraben free and have been dermatologically tested and approved.
Over the next 5 days i will introduce you to different products in the range and on day 5 we will run a small competition to win some 'b' products. 

B. products are on special offer at the moment, saving over half price. The perfect time to try it out.

B. products come in 3 phases

Phase 1, This is designed and produced for ladies in their 20s and 30s to help enhance skins youthful appearance and to actively fight the first signs ageing

Phase 2,  This phase is designed for ladies in their late 30s and 40s and it will help you to reduce visible the visible signs of aging and to help enhance the skins natural radiance

Phase 3, This phase is designed for ladies from 50+ to help to fortify and fight the visible signs of ageing.

There is also An all phases part of the B. brand and this is where you will find the cleansers, toners and targeting solutions (Even skin-tone corrector, BB cream, wrinkle filler). These are used in conjunction with the phase you choose to suit your skin.

So today we look at Phase one In the B. range, starting with - 

 B energised

This product has caffeine and Allantoin to help to reduce the appearance of puffiness and is instantly cooling so you look bright eyed, something we normally need after a hard night partying. It is a refreshing pick me up and hydrates with the use of a blend of moisturisers and Hyaluronic acid. It brightens witht the help of live yeast cell extract which reduces the appearance of dark circles. Gently pat on around the eye area morning and night. Use your little finger and dont put too much pressure on your eyes whilst applying it and dont pull the skin under the eyes as that encourages fine lines and wrinkles

For best results use with B. Ready Day Cream or B. Nourished Night Serum.

B. Ready Day Cream


This product boosts skin moisture and helps protect against early ageing for perfect looking skin, everyday. 
It is an ideal base for make up because it is a light yet fast absorbing moisturiser and offers you a full 12 hours of hydration. Perfect for a young working girl! It has Niacinamide to help boost radiance and control blemishes. It also has protecting properties and offers an SPF 15 to help protect your skin from free radicals. B. Ready for perfect skin with this light, fast absorbing formula - the ideal base for makeup. After you have cleansed your face, smooth this product onto face and neck using upward and outward movements. 

B. Nourished night serum

Apply B. Nourished to your face before you go to bed at night and it will help to replensih your skin for the morning. It offers 12 hours of hydration with the help of the Hyaluronic Acid which gives an intense moisturisation. It will perfect your skin and help to even out skin tone with the Niacinamide and the Antioxidant blend will help to boost the health of your skin. Smooth it all over your face and neck after cleansing every evening.

For more advice on the B. range, pop into your local store and ask them which one i best for you. Superdrug in Folkestone have staff on hand to help you and if you pop in they will be more than helpful with choosing the skin care that suits your skin. 

Our Review

Kimmy is 21, so now is the time for her to start using skin care products. She is a vegetarian, so these products are ethically perfect for her. Kim tried the B. energised and after applying it around her eyes she felt cooled. She has sensitive eyes and is often cautious of products so close to her eyes but she found this to be non irritant and comfortable to use. Then she tried the B.ready Day cream, this absorbed quickly into her skin and felt smooth and soft. It felt light to wear as a day cream and it has a nice smell, similar to a talc, but it isn't over powering.



  1. Really want to try this range, love Superdrug!

  2. I've never heard of this before but as I am starting to fight the signs of ageing I think I may have to invest!!


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