Monday, 10 February 2014

Grace Cole Lip Balm

The kind people from Grace Cole sent me a lip balm to try out, and to be honest it couldnt have come at a better time! We live on the coast in Kent and we get alot  of the weather coming from the North Sea so in the winter it gets very windy and unfortunatly it plays havic with your skin and especially your lips. So once again this winter my lip are dried out and when i apply make up it is so noticable how rough it looks around my mouth.

This week i received a parcel with a coconut and lime lip balm. My first impression of the tin was how nice it looked with the natural ingrediants in the lip balm that it contains, i eagerly opened the tin to smell the lip balm, it has the most amazing coconut smell and reminds me of holidays :)

What i thought of the lip balm

I applied it to my lips and found it went on smoothly and wasnt too greasy, and i didnt feel like my lips were too heavy like they do feel with some lip balms and my lips felt moisturised for the whole of the day too. I
found that my lipstick went on easier afterwards and my lips didnt feel dry at all.

About Grace Cole

Grace Cole are a relatively new family run business and they are situated in Cheshire in UK, but sell to over t
60 countries world wide. The products they do sell range from shower gels to body creams, hand lotions to lip balms. Many of their products can be found in New Look, Harrods, Superdrug and Fenwicks and you will probably recognise some of their products labelled under the name of Miss Cole, Boutique, Fruit Works and Tea Tree & Witch Hazel. The products produced from Grace Cole are manufactured in the UK, meaning You are genuinly buying a british product and the products reach the market and are on our shelves more quicker than if they were made abroad.

A quote taken from their website 

'Here at Grace Cole, we pride ourselves on our luxury formulations, inspiring fragrances and our ability to make everyone feel special when using our products. Our gorgeous bath and body gifts are the perfect present for a friend or loved one. Whether it's goodies for young teens, treats for mum, or an indulgent present for you, we've got it covered.'

You can buy these products direct from the website too at

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