Friday, 14 February 2014

If I were ......

If I Were…

A month. March as its the month of two of my babies
A country. I’d be Switzerland, the air's clear & its beautiful
A time of day. I’d be 2am when Tilly gets in bed with me
A sea animal. I would be a Seal
A direction. North.
A liquid. I’d be coca cola
A gemstone. I’d be a diamond
A tree. I’d be a Fir tree.
A game. I’d be The London Game
A famous painting. I’d be The Starry Night
A flower. I’d be a rose, the name of my nan & kims middle name
A kind of weather. I’d be The sun
A musical instrument. I’d be a tambourine
A piece of furniture. I’d be a Chest of drawers,
A colour. I’d be yellow as its Tillys fave colour
A means of transportation. I’d be an old double decker
An emotion. I’d be happy.
A fruit. I’d be a Melon
A sound. I’d be Tillys laughter
A vehicle. I’d be a stealth plane
A place. I’d be my home
A taste. I’d be sour
A scent. I’d be Sexy Amber by Michael Kors
An animal. I’d be a tiger
A random object. I’d be my mobile phone
A body part. I’d be my boobies
A song. I’d be Peter Rabbit (tllys favourite song)
An item of clothing. I’d be lace patterned tights

i saw this over on Bizzimummy's World and wanted to see what randomness i could come up with, copy and paste with your own answers and then link up with City Girl Gone Coastal

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