Monday, 10 February 2014

Messy afternoon

Once again we gave Tilly and her friends some shaving foam and some food colouring to see how creative they could be, so Jacob who is 10 came up with the idea of mixing all the colours up to create a pattern and then placing paper over the top to transfer the colour on to paper.

Later when they dried the kids turned them into hanging pictures. So much fun for such a little cost to us as i had the ingredients already in the house. Shaving foam is now a much used item in Tillys messy box

We added shaving foam to a bowl

Added some different colour food colouring

gently sirred the colours to mix it in

Everyone had a turn at stirring untill all the colours mixed up

We placed the paper over the top of the foam

Tilly and her picture

Grace proudly showing her picture off

Jacob showing his paper off

Afterwards we left them to dry over night

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